Fire & Smoke Damage


Fire is destructive all around and often leaves families and individuals feeling lost when the devastation has settled. The damage is overwhelming, not just from the fire raging through your home, items, appliances, and heirlooms, but any that remain may be covered with smoke and soot. The distinct smell of smoke is why a lot of people toss out personal items that are irreplaceable. The strong scent is a constant reminder of what happened and what could have happened. To top everything off, homes are left with water damage from the efforts to put out the flames.

Purves Construction understands how upsetting and disheartening this scenario can be, but we are ready to make it right because this is where quality and customer service exceed expectations. Our professional team is ready to reconstruct and repair your home into its prior state.

From start to finish, we will review the entire restoration process by taking the time to sit down with you to let you know how our team will work through restoring your home, assist with insurance company paperwork and provide a detailed outline and estimate on what it will take to get your home back to feeling like your home again.

Purves Construction will secure the frame structure, tarp the roof to ensure it will not progress worse and keep out additional weather or elements, board up any fixtures needed, and use baseboard drying to get out any hidden moisture that is out of plain sight.


With that being said, the actual frame and floors are not the only thing that is damaged during a fire. We give great attention and detail into cleaning contents/electronics at this time. Purves Construction is a RedStar Certified, and is one of only two companies in the entire state of Michigan with this rating. Purves Construction has the complete FIRELINE system and offers the industry’s most popular and superior cleaning capabilities on the market. No matter what item it may be, rest assured that we possess the appropriate training and understand the precision and care needed to make it look renewed or in some cases, even better than before.


How do we do it all? It’s simple, we have a committed staff with extensive knowledge in building and restoring homes with over 30 years combined of experience and are constantly revamping our techniques and crafts to provide our clients with the highest-quality results.