Purves Construction is proud to be only one of only two Michigan companies listed as a RedStar Certified Contractor. What that means to you, is that we offer Content & Electronic Restoration Services for residential and commercial customers. We invested in the most advanced Fireline equipment to clean and restore your electronic and personal items, such as but not limited to:


Computer Systems


Entertainment Centers


Sewing Machines


Large Appliances

Digital Video Recorders

Cable & Satellite Receivers

Vacuum Cleaners

Gaming Consoles

Fitness Equipment


Computer Systems

Fax Machines


Cash Registers

Automotive Analyzers


Telephone Switchers

Medical and Dental Equipment

Security Equipment

Machine Equipment

Rail Equipment

Small Appliances


The advantage of this service is that, with Purves Construction you can have one service provider to recover any form of damage and be able to restore affected items within your household or commercial business. That means you may not have to toss that significant computer, electronic item or home good. The insurance company and adjusters are pleased to see this as it expedites the claim process utilizing one company for all services. 

Whatever the case may be, Purves Construction is ready to use their equipment to clean, sanitize and deodorize any household or commercial business items and restore them fully. The results are stunning, even to our own team, and leaves our clients feeling thankful they were able to salvage much more than they originally anticipated.


Purves Construction has the capability of on site cleaning. This means we can clean your contents or electronics conveniently at your home or business allowing your restoration process to flow seamlessly. However, there are times we may need to move to a controlled environment due to surroundings and restoration taking place within the facility, mostly for electronics. Each item removed from your home will be inventoried accordingly and be accessible to you so you have peace of mind throughout the restoration process. 

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